Day 8th in Octavo Asalto

Day 8th in Octavo Asalto
15/09/2013 Festival Asalto

Día ocho en Octavo Asalto


Octavo Asalto finished today and all the artists will leave Zaragoza along the day.

Harsa and Stop have finished their wall and have moved to their new destinies in the Recover the Streets project: Besançon and Toulouse. Magnetic has finished with the bees in his wall with OKO in the morning and the wood furniture designed by Todo por la Praxis has been reorganized in around the spot.

Sabek, Smitheone and Seherone have done their work today and they will continue with their own small european tour.

Roberto Ciredz finished his huge wall with an infographic style. So different to Isaac Mahow´s piece, a full detailed work about Zaragoza.
In las Armas Street Yomimoko‘s installation has been one of the most surprissing. We like to see how people form Zaragoza apply with different proposals.

Octavo Asalto closes with the last guided tour, which once again has been totally successful. Our girls Marta and Vicky make people understand and enjoy the work we make each year from Asalto Festival.

More news very soon, stay tuned!

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